Civil procedure — statute of limitations, tolling

Where a breach of contract has occurred, and the plaintiff files suit, the statute of limitations for the suit begins tolling at the moment of breach, not at the moment the plaintiff suffers injury due to the breach.The 1st District Appellate Court affirmed the decision of Cook County Circuit Judge Anna H. Demacopoulos.In November 2004, Reza Toulabi executed an agreement to purchase several condominium units in Polo Tower on North Marine Drive in Chicago. In January 2005, Toulabi assigned his interest, rights and obligations from that agreement to Robert Yassan.Toulabi also agreed to secure a $3 million loan for Yassan, although this was not in the text of the agreement. Yassan, for his part, would pay $1 million to Toulabi and give up possession and title to one condominium unit and a parking space, owned by My II LLC, a company owned by Yassan and his wife, Dorothy.

Largest Assisted Living Chain In U.S. Sued For Poor Care Of Elderly

Twenty residents of an assisted living complex in Palm Springs, Calif., missed their medications in a single day because no medical technician was on duty. A woman in a Paso Robles home for seniors pushed her emergency call button after falling in her room and waited 22 hours on the floor with broken bones until staff members responded.

A class-action lawsuit filed last month in a federal district court in Northern California details those incidents and other similar ones, which allegedly occurred in facilities owned by Brookdale Senior Living, the nation’s largest assisted living provider.


Largest Assisted Living Chain In U.S. Sued For Poor Care Of Elderly