Commercial Litigation Attorney

Michele J. Braun   represents and counsels many types of businesses in a vast array of commercial matters and business disputes. She is an experienced, innovative and aggressive trial attorney who has a history of achieving her client’s goals in a cost-efficient manner.

Michele’s primary objective is the success of your business. As your attorney, she will take the time to educate herself about you and your business, investigate the surrounding facts and analyze all relevant documents, before designing a strategic litigation plan and budget for your case. Whether you are at the pre-litigation stage or already embroiled in litigation, Michele will provide you with an honest assessment of its merits and propose options for the most practical and cost-effective solution. If the decision is made to pursue litigation, she will formulate a legal strategy that best aligns with your business needs and concerns, discuss it with you and make any necessary adjustments. Understanding the need to keep you abreast of the case’s progress and, at the same time, keep costs in check, Michele will strive to achieve the best possible result for you and your business at a reasonable cost.

Michele J. Braun can assist you with a wide variety of commercial matters and business disputes, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty allegations
  • Common Law Fraud
  • Consumer Fraud / Unfair business practices
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Warranty Claims
  • Interference with Business
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes

Michele J. Braun will take all necessary steps to protect and safeguard your business interests and rights because you and your business deserve only the best representation in the Chicago area. She handles it all from the pre-litigation stage to amicable settlement negotiations and/or trial. Michele will stand by your side and your business throughout all stages of the litigation process.

Call Michele for your free consultation today at 847-559-8406.